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Week 3: Thursday,  26th May 2022

P5/1 did their Reading —The Go-Kart Race— class today. We went to the reading room and they all liked the environment there. We talked about the parts of a book first, then we read the vocabulary. Everybody received their reading book copy together with the reading comprehension booklet. They are going to read this book until we finish it, then change it to a new story.

P5/2 continued their Grammar lesson —Proper Nouns. They reviewed and practiced Word bank #3 first and it was led by Chern. We did some board exercises in Grammar. I gave the common nouns and they gave me the proper nouns. Next, I let them answer the book exercises and we answered them altogether. 

Reading: The Go-Kart Race

Grammar Book Exercises: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Word Bank #3 practice with Chern (P5/2)