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Week 3: Tuesday,  24th May 2022

P5/1 reviewed and practiced Word Bank #3. It was led by Mangkorn. Then, we continued the lesson in Everybody Up. We reviewed the story talked about the value that they have learnt in the story. then, I asked them, what does it mean by "Be brave"? and how are they brave at school and at home? Why do they need to be brave? After discussing the story. We answered the comprehension questions and listened to the unit song —Lets Lear How to Surf. This will help them remember the the target conversation that we practiced after the song.

In their second English class, we answered the Everybody Up Workbook. They listened first to the story in their workbook to enhance their listening skills. then we checked the answers and read the story again altogether. Then I let them answer the rest of the book on their own before answering them altogether. 

P5/2 practiced their Word Bank #3 led by Ton-Or. They also reviewed the words in Everybody Up led by Andre. Then we reviewed the things that they learnt in their Everybody Up student book before answering their workbook. Students listened to the story in the workbook and filled in the blanks with the sight words. Then, we answered it altogether before they read it. Next, they answered the rest of their workbook on their own. I just guide them at first on what to do in every section. Finally, we check and talked about the answered altogether. On the last part of their workbook are questions about themselves. This questions promotes self awareness that helped them learn more about themselves. 

Everybody Up Lesson 3 Value

Word Bank Practice with Mangkorn (P5/1)

Word Bank Practice with Ton-Or (P5/2)

Everybody Up Words Practice with Andre (P5/1)

Everybody Up Unit 1: Lesson 3: The Surfing Lesson