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Week 3: Wednesday,  25th May 2022

P5/2 practiced their Word Bank #3 in the first part of their English class. It was led by Nadia. Then I introduced our new topic in Grammar —Proper Nouns. I assessed first their understanding in the topic and if how much they know about it. next, I let them watched a video about common and proper noun. After that, we talked about it. I gave them examples and had the gave examples on their own. I named the common noun and they named the proper nouns.

P5/1 also practice their Word Bank #3. In the first period, it was led by Sand and in the 2nd period Titan, led the practice. It was followed by our new topic in Grammar which is the Proper Nouns. We reviewed first our previous lesson about the common noun and related it to the new topic. They watched a video about the topic and I discussed the book to them. Then we practice it. I gave them the common noun and they gave the proper noun and vise-versa. 

In the next period, we reviewed the lesson and I gave them ample time to answer their book exercises. Then we answered them altogether, to correct their mistakes and to reinforce learning and retention of the subject matter. 

Grammar: Noun:  Proper Noun

Word Bank #3 practice with Titan (P5/1)

Word Bank #3 practice with Sand (P5/1)

Word Bank #3 practice with Nadia (P5/2)